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Multi-Usage Lance Pipes in Lorain, OH

For anyone in the sheet metal or metal industry, you will understand the importance of having access to good lance pipes in Lorain, OH. Our company produces these types of pipes that can withstand daily use and is durable, cost-effective, and thanks to our rigorous testing and inspection standards, 100% safe.

At PC Campana Inc., we offer a full-size selection from .500’ to 1.883’ in all heavy pipe wall gauges, 3/8” to 1 ½” diameters, and 9’ to 18’ lengths with plain, press-on coupling or threaded ends. We can also accommodate special diameters and lengths if requested. Depending on the job you have, we understand that the size will be crucial for your success. We are a company you can rely upon to provide you with quality products to fit your needs.

PC Campana Incorporated | Lance Pipes in Lorain OH PC Campana Incorporated | Lance Pipes in Lorain OH

High-Quality Oxygen Safety Lance Pipe Holders

Our holders can hold any diameter pipe, and make steel cutting and oxygen injection safe and efficient, eliminating the threading of pipe, hand tightening and blowing lance pipes out of the holder. Our focus is always on safety, so we pride ourselves on providing high-quality holders to use with your oxygen cutting systems.

Alternatively, oxyfuel flame cutting is the most economical process for the cutting of mild and low allow steel, even with weld preparations. We can understand why it’s one of the most important production processes in the metal industry. Based on that, you wouldn’t want to skimp on quality or availability. Our team is dedicated to being accessible, so you have the parts you need. Any downtime on your part means lost revenue, and we won’t be contributing to that if you rely on our products.

Another important fact to address is the safety of your team. If they are working on production and using substandard equipment, there is a looming danger of an injury. We will guarantee our quality materials, so you never have to be faced with that type of situation. Our company is founded on reliability, honesty, and providing top-notch products. Whether you require lance pipes or our quality holders, we can help you with standard and most custom sizes.

Contact us today for more information or to place an order for pipes and holders you require for your job site. We proudly serve Lorain, OH, and the surrounding area.

Lance Pipe Holder Lance Pipe Holder