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Mini Caldo Torch

Mini Cutting Torch

Are you searching for a faster, more affordable alternative to carbon arc cutting? The Mini Caldo Torch accomplishes up to 25% more work than its leading competitors at half the price of exothermic cutting systems. The ingenious design avoids buildup of carbon and trace metals. It also uses less oxygen, which reduces the cost of every cut.

A simple pug tube or battery ignition makes the Mini Caldo Torch easy to use. Because the torch operates without electrical continuity, repairs can be made without raising burrs on main frames and final drives.

You can use the Mini Caldo Torch anywhere — even underwater. It stands up to the most challenging environmental conditions, including rain, snow, mud, and wind.

Mini Caldo Torch

Key Benefits:

Useful – Ideal for steel/iron plants, foundries, construction, heavy equipment repair, fleet maintenance, welders, fabricators, military, firehouses, rescue, shipyards, bridge and transportation builders, consumers, and more.
Safe – Features oxygen safety holders and operates on less oxygen than competitive brand oxygen cutting systems.
Powerful – Cuts through stainless steel, cast iron, brass, slag, concrete, and more with no warping, loss of tensile strength, or metal fatigue.
Versatile – Burns, melts, vaporizes, and cuts through nearly all metallic, non-metallic, and composite materials.
Adaptable – Great for underwater; dependable in emergencies.

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Mini Caldo Holder

The secret behind our Mini Caldo holders is an innovative rubber grommet system that offers unique performance capabilities for our oxygen cutting systems. They attach in minutes, offer quick grip access and speed-up production time with easy operation.

Mini Caldo Torch Adaptor

You can convert most oxyacetylene torches with our Mini Caldo Torch Adaptor to use only oxygen to cut, burn, melt or vaporize stainless steel, cast iron, slag and concrete. Serious advanced cutting equipment.

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Mini Adaptor