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Alloy Cored Wire

Equipment for Alloy Cored Wire in Lorain, OH

The Advantages of Alloy Cored Wire

Wire injection offers numerous advantages that make the steel mills and foundry process more efficient. It gives more control over alloy additions, reduces the chances of the nozzle clogging during casting, and allows for a more precise chemistry.

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Quality Is Our Core Strength

Our alloy cored wire is the top choice in steel mills throughout North America and around the world. We are proud of our reputation for superiority and consistency, and we apply extremely strict inspection standards. We only use top-grade materials, and all raw materials are weighed, documented, and checked for radioactivity and consistency at our factory. Our facility is certified to the ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management Standard.

Any Diameter

Whatever your project, we have the right alloy cored wire for your needs. Our products are available in a range of diameters, including:

• 9 mm • 13 mm • 16 mm • 21 mm

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Cored Wire Feeders

Our Alloy Cored Wire Feeders are sought all over the world. They’re the most sophisticated, dependable, heavy duty wire feeding systems ever built.

Features & Benefits:

Speed – Run from 100 to 1000 ft. per minute. Customizable systems range from 1-path to 6-path.
Micro Wire Feeder – Injects 5 mm to 13 mm diameter wire at variable speeds in excess of 300 ft. per minute.
PC-6 x 40 Wire Feeder – Injects 9 mm to 21 mm diameter wire at variable speeds in excess of 1,000 ft. per minute.
Precision Threading – Alloy cored wires are automatically guided to the ladle with flawless maximum accuracy. No outdated manual or slow self-threading required.
An Engine That Knows No Limits – Our motor is a nonstop workhorse that has never experienced a failure.
No Downtime – Everything about our core wire feeders translates to durability, from super-sturdy bearings and cylinders to the technologically advanced electrical parts, transmission, and PLC computer controls.
Designed to Deliver Value – You'll use less material and accumulate less waste while generating greater productivity in less time.
Extremely Durable – Every wire feeding system must undergo and survive rigorous quality assurance testing in our steel mill environment staging areas.

When you need equipment for alloy cored wire in Lorain, OH, we are your top source for high-quality equipment and wire products. Whether you weld automotive parts, industrial machine parts, or any other type of metal, you need the right cored wire feeding systems to ensure top-quality results in your work. We carry a variety of alloy cored wire, feeder systems, and other foundry supplies including:
Lance Pipe
Caldo Torches
Burning Bars
Mini Risers

Choose the Right Cored Wire Feeder

When you’re choosing a wire feeder for your welding equipment, it’s important to consider a number of factors. Cored wire feeding systems can be connected to three different sources of power including:
• Constant Voltage (CV) -- Used for wire welding
• Constant Current (CC) -- Used for stick and TIG welding
• Dual-Capability (CV/CC) -- Used for all types of welding

No matter what type of welding you do in your work, we can help you find a wire feeder to suit your needs. Our cored wire feeders are some of the most popular in the world due to their speed, precision threading, powerful engines, durability, affordability, and efficiency. We rigorously test all our equipment to make sure it’s capable of withstanding even the most difficult welding jobs.

Reach out to our knowledgeable and friendly staff to discuss your order and find out what types of foundry supplies best suit your needs.

Contact us to discuss your needs or place an order. We are proudly based in Lorain, Ohio.