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Top-of-the-Line Steel Mill Supplies in Lorain, OH

You’ve worked hard over the years to perfect your craftsmanship; so don’t waste your talents on inferior materials. P.C. Campana is the master provider for the steel, foundry, and tubing industries in North American and aboard. Our steel mill supplies in Lorain, OH, work harder and deliver better results. That means by choosing our foundry supplier, you are going to earn more for your company. It is just that simple.

We are able to provide the high-quality products we offer because we understand the needs of steel companies. Since 1969, through our four divisions--Tub Supplier, Caldo Torch, Alloy Cored Wire, and Mini Riser--we have heavily invested in the manufacturing of premium products to help steel companies reduce risk, maximize production, enhance speed and efficiency, and eliminate waste. Your success is our success and we provide you with everything your craftsmen need to succeed.

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Alloy Cored Wire

Wire injection was developed to help steel makers reduce costs and improve the quality of their products. Our alloy cored wire products reduce nozzle clogging while allowing for more precise chemistry and more controlled alloy additions.
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Burning Bar

If you’re looking to cut through concrete, steel or slag, burning bar may be exactly what you need. It comes in various lengths and O.D.
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Lance Pipe

Discover the advantages of the first American-made coated electric furnace lance pipe. Rigorous testing and inspection standards have resulted in 100% safe oxygen lance pipes that are durable and cost-effective.
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Mini Riser

The Mini Riser is a highly exothermic sand riser that provides a greater feeding capability than a conventional exothermic riser. Our products are environmentally safe, guarantee improved yields, and reduce cleaning costs.
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Mini Caldo Torch

The Mini Caldo Torch features a patented design that allows for superior control. With this torch, you'll be able to use less oxygen while avoiding trace metals and carbon build-up. And you'll still accomplish 25% more work than with competing products.
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A Commitment to Cutting-Edge Materials

Led by a team of industry experts, our foundry supplier offers customers everything they need to get impressive results. We offer the leading handheld mini oxygen cutting systems, highly insulated exothermic risers and burning bars, alloy cored wire feeders for ladle treatment, and state-of-the-art cored wire feeding systems to our customers.

This means when you choose us as your supplier, you know you are working with a supplier that is committed to innovation, quality products, service excellence, and cost-effective solutions. As the steel and foundry industries continue to advance, our team strives to be the vanguard ensuring that our customers are always getting the latest and best materials for their factories.

Our company enjoys a remarkable reputation with multifaceted capabilities and cutting-edge products. This has helped set us apart from the rest. When you are in need of anything from standard steel foundry supplies to underwater welding products, we are going to not only have what you need, but also have the best version of what you need available.

The Different Divisions of Our Company

Are you interested in learning more about our company’s divisions and division-specific products? Then allow us to break it down for you so you can easily find the items and help you are looking for. First up is our Alloy Cored Wire. This division produces top quality cored wire feeders and other products relating to cored wire feeding systems.

Next, Caldo Torch, is our division dedicated to providing our innovative caldo cutting torch and advanced concrete cutting equipment. This is also where you are going to want to go when you are in need of oxygen cutting systems, lance pipes, burning bars, and underwater welding products. Caldo Torch’s products provide excellence in exothermic products.

Tube Supplier, our next division, is your source for advanced tubular products. We carry everything from ½” through 2-1/2” diameters as well as rectangles and squares up to 1-1/2”. All of the lengths are determined by your specific needs.

Finally, there is Mini Riser. This division is your source for several different types of exothermic foundry supplies, including exothermic risers, exothermic cutting systems, exothermic sleeves, and insulating sleeves.

Contact us when you are looking for a trusted foundry supplier. We ship to customers around the world from our home in Lorain, Ohio.

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